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Welcome to the Modderfontein Conservation Society homepage.

The Modderfontein Conservation Society was established in 1991 and is a volunteer body that helps preserve the Modderfontein Reserve which is located in Modderfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa and the rich heritage of Modderfontein.

Our activities include:

• Guided walks in the Reserve for Groups on request

• Monthly talks/presentations on interesting nature or environmental topics

• Guided bird walks

• Guided heritage walks of Modderfontein.

• Maintaining check lists / sightings records

• Participating in Modderfontein Reserve management activities

• Involvement in the preservation of Modderfontein’s heritage

• Management of invasive alien vegetation

The Society’s objectives are as follows:

1. To actively recruit members from Modderfontein and surrounding communities and encourage interest in conservation, with a view to maintaining a suitable balance between its many aspects.

2. To strive for the protection and management of indigenous flora and fauna, including bird species.

3. To encourage and promote interest in preserving the natural and historical aspects of Modderfontein.

4. To act as environmental watchdog within the Modderfontein area.

5. To provide guidance to AECI, Residents Associations and local authorities on policy regarding the purpose, use and development of the Modderfontein Reserve.

6. To formulate and maintain policy on the removal and replacement of alien plant species in the Reserve.

7. To act as advisors on the development of the Reserve.

8. To facilitate experiential environmental education and training for school children.

9. To promote environmental research projects at secondary and tertiary education levels, and post-graduate studies.

10. To co-ordinate and encourage special interest activities in the form of special conservation sub-groups.

Only recently posted items will be viewable on this page. Please use the “Categories” drop down list to find newsletters, events information and general information from further back that may be of interest to you.

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